Q What is the minimum size requirement to open a Indiaco Store?
A We require a store of minimum of 5000 Square Feet.

Q What markets are available?
A Please click here to check out the territories available.

Q How much does it cost to open an Indiaco Franchise?
A The total investment to begin operation of Indiaco Franchise is between $919,500 to $3,225,000.

Q How much is the Franchise Fee, Royalties, & other fees?
A $45,000 is the franchise fee. Royalties are 2% on Total Sales of upto $500,000 and 1% thereafter. An additional up to 1% on total sales may go towards Advertising Budget. All Fees, estimated initial investments costs,other fees etc are included in Franchise Disclosure Document(FDD).

Q Does Indiaco offer Financing?
A We do not but we can introduce you to our trusted bank where you can apply for Financing.

Q How much money can I expect to make?
A The incomes are variant depending on several factors such as demographics in your area, size of the store, real estate etc.

Q What type of support will I receive from India Bazaar LLC?
A Our sales & support team will extend support to you from the inquiry to as long as you are with us. This includes but not limited to Site evaluation, POS training, Store Maintenance training, Inventory Management, and hands on assistance in running an Indiaco store.

Q What is your “Ultimate Selling Point” (USP)?
A Rich collection of fresh produce, Quality groceries & impeccable customer service.

Q Do I have to be a US Citizen to apply for Indiaco franchise?
A No. But if you are applying to SBA, according to SBA guidelines, 51% or more partner must be a citizen and/or permanent resident to qualify for financing.

Q Who will manage the store?
A The owner or the General Manager-We require that your general manager to hold at least 10% or more in the store.

Q Do I necessarily have to buy all merchandise from you?
A No. You will be allowed to buy your inventory from local, national, & other vendors to capitalize the maximum profit for your business. However, we do require vendor approval by us in advance. We also require you to carry India Bazaar and Grain Market brand products that can be purchased only through us.

Q Is there a contract that I will need to sign with Indiaco/IndiaCo franchise?
A Yes you will sign ten year franchise agreement with us with an option of renewal for another ten years.

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