An Indian Food Store Franchise Opportunity that Allows YOU to Meet
Your Community’s Growing Needs

According to a recent study, “the Indian-American population shot up 76% in the first 12 years of the 21st century. With nearly 1.9 million living in the country, the Indian population in the U.S. has grown to over 150 times its size since 1960. Plus, it is a sector of the population that is only expected to continue to grow.

A growing population of Indian families in the U.S. means growing local demand for Indian products, as does increase familiarity with authentic Indian flavors and ingredients from outer Asian populations and non-Asian consumers.

The India Bazaar Indian food store franchise opportunity gives you a multiple revenue stream based business model, varied and high-quality product selections, and market-tested, fully-established procedures that allow you to meet the growing needs in your local area.

Best of all, you can grow your own Indian food store franchise business, with the knowledge that you are backed by an experienced, professional team that is truly committed to supporting loyal franchise owners in exchange for your commitment to our brand and systems.

This is the perfect opportunity for well-educated, professionally experienced, and sufficiently capitalized individuals, business teams, or even family groups to make a difference in their communities and on their own futures! Whether you have experience in the industry or in independent business ownership, or are looking to make a major career a change, the India Bazaar franchise program can give you the chance to be part of an American-style system while owning an Indian-focused business.

We offer a business model that is second to none, featuring fresh produce and dairy products, frozen and organic selections, spices, grain, and other drygoods, health and beauty products, and so much more. We are also deeply committed to promoting and facilitating local recycling efforts and supporting local charities and organizations.

To learn more about our unique Indian food store franchise program, and how it can impact your local area and your future, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, request more information, or email us at


Our goal is to expand across United States. We are not yet expanding in  Illinois, California, Indiana, Hawaii, Washington, Maryland, Michigan, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, Virginia, Minnesota, and  New York. This website is for informational purposes only and does not intend to make any offer and/or sell franchise. The offers can be made only through Federal Disclosure Document which will be shared with the potential franchisee post the initial correspondence.


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